Chapter 1 Reaction- Producing: Exploiting New Opportunities and Markets in the Digital Arena

Chapter 1 within the book again discusses many of the distribution changes that were being discussed within the documentary, Side by Side. This chapter focuses on the sudden change the world has seen within digital production and the way it is now getting to audiences. For so many years, digital production was changing as a steady pace, but now with the rise of the internet, the way that footage is getting out to people has changed completely. Before the rise of the internet in order to be able to produce a video or cover an event, people had to possess high tech equipment and have some knowledge of film production and distribution. Today, anyone present for a groundbreaking event can film the footage live, and then they are able to post it for their friends and followers on their social media platforms. This has completely changed the way people are receiving information, as well as, the way films are being produced.

The chapter starts by discussing the breakdown of audience analysis that film producers must consider in order to ensure that they are able to effectively reach their intended target audience. This includes factors such as medium choice, audience size, potential budget and its justification, the audience’s expectations, and lastly how the producer intends to format his production on a particular medium of choice (Kindem & Musburger 2). All of these factors combine to help a producer decide which way a film will be shot and produced. For instance, if a producer is trying to reach an older audience it is important for him to consider that many of these older people may prefer a more traditional route of production and distribution because that it what they have grown accustomed to over many years’ time. If a producer is trying to reach a younger audience, he can choose more state of the art techniques as a means for production in order to attract younger audiences. Young people are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to film and film production, so when they know that something coming out features new technology never seen before, they are more likely to be attracted to these new films.

With the rise of cellphones and immediate access to the internet, young people are now able to access information as a constant rate. This has changed the way film professionals have had to produce their productions. Because young people want their information immediately and consistently, film producers have to find new innovative ways to offer this to people in order to be able to attract a younger audience.

I feel with the natural shift from more classic means of production to the immediate ways films can be produced and distributed today, that many of these changes are a natural progression as technology improves. Because the average citizen has the ability to film and produce footage from their phone, film professionals have also had to step up and jump on board with these new technologies in order to remain current and relevant.



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