Chapter 2 Reaction- The Production Process Analog and Digital Technologies

Chapter 2 again discusses the digital revolution that we are so often hearing about within the film industry. It challenges the changes that are being made from analog to digital, and discusses how those changes have influenced the film industry as a whole. Because it is so much easier to access film equipment today due to low costs, producers are able to buy better equipment with the hopes of being able to produce better films. Also, this has opened up the film industry to a larger range of individuals including the younger generation. Because the cost of production was so high for so many decades, younger people were not able to get their hands on the equipment needed within the production of films. This has changed over time as film equipment prices have dropped, and now many young people are able to afford the access to film equipment and are able to go out and shoot their own films.

With the rise of digital production and shooting within the film industry, there has been much controversy surrounding whether or not these techniques are actually better than those that have been used in the past. The chapter discusses the fact that all of these new technologies are in reality just a play on the older technologies in which they come from. Without analog technology, producers would not have been able to develop and produce through digital mediums. This change is one that is noticed and respected by many individuals and professionals that are interested in the film industry.

The chapter also gives an in-depth look into what members make up a production team, as well as the important role that each and every one of these members in film production. This offers an insight to readers about how important each one of these team members role is and how important It is for all of these team members to work together within the production of a film. This was a large eye opener into what all goes into the production of a film. Without this knowledge it is easy to assume that producing a quality film is much easier than it is in reality. Many people discredit the amount of work that goes into film production, as well as, the importance of the roles of even the least important crew member. Within film production even the least important crew member is very important when attempting to produce a quality product.

This chapter helped to give an inside look into the world of film production that I was not aware of previously. Because of my little experience with the production of film, I did not previously realize how important it is for all of the team members to work together in unison in order to be able to produce quality productions. This is especially important within the digital age as technology is so rapidly changing. This forces production team members to stay on top of their craft and work with each other in order to be accustomed to new technology as it emerges in order to be able to produce productions that are of the highest quality.


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