Meredith Artley Interview Reaction

Meredith Artley, CNN’s Digital Chief, is interviewed discussing CNN’s use of digital platforms when reporting news. Over the years, especially recently, digital mediums have become increasingly important aspects of news reporting. CNN has excelled at staying current when it comes to using these different practices, and these factors combined have helped to keep them at the top spot when it comes to digital news rankings. Artley discusses that their main competition when it comes to digital reporting isn’t a big news network like Fox News, but is instead smaller, more digital news sources like Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post. This is because these sources use their online platforms as largely their only form of journalism, rather than having other platforms like print and television like bigger networks including Fox News.

Because CNN aims to have an audience from an age range of all kinds they need to stay current and up to date on the new technologies associated with producing the news. Artley discussed that at this point it can be rather redundant to say “digital journalism” mostly because almost everything that is being produced these days comes in some sort of digital format. This can be seen for newspapers and television news shows alike. Newspapers and magazines are all expected to offer digital copies of their issues so consumers can look at them at their convenience online. The same follows suit for television news sources. CNN is expected to post many of their news segments to online mediums in order to let viewers tune in and watch these segments at their nearest convenience. This has allowed a world of convenience that has never before been offered to news consumers.

Artley mostly discusses how important online platforms have become overall in the production of news. This is something that helped to provide insight for me, as I usually do not even notice how digitalized news has become simply because it is what I have grown accustomed to. As a young person, sometimes it is hard for us to see how exactly news has changed over time mostly because we are just now gaining awareness of the news on a deeper scale as people in our twenties. I think that if people my age were not offered the convenience of digital platforms as a source for viewing the news, that many of us would have a much harder time staying up to date with issues or might not even try to stay up to date with them at all. Because many of our schedules are all over the place and differ from day to day, it is hard for us to find the time to sit down regularly every day and read the newspaper or tune into a 6:00 p.m. news segment. This newfound convenience of being able to take your news with you everywhere you go on your phone or devices has made it to where young people, and now the older generation, have become accustomed to being able to get our news whenever we can best fit it into our ever-changing schedules.

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