Chapter 7- Lighting Reaction Paper


Lighting is a very important part of creating the overall look of a production. This is an area where artists are given the chance to express creativity in order to create a look of their choosing. Many different factors go into creating the lighting of a production. The lighting director and director of photography work together to achieve the correct look when it comes to the lighting in a production.

There are many different styles of lighting that are used within productions. These include realist, modernist, and postmodernist lighting techniques. Realist lighting seeks to create the most natural lighting possible within a feature. Lighting directors try to make it seem as if light is coming from a natural source when employing the realist technique. It is very difficult for a set to be completely realist, so most productions are not able to employ 100 percent realist techniques.

Modernist techniques are often used in productions. Many directors and designers prefer to use this technique because it allows them to be more creative with the techniques that they are trying to employ to create different looks. According to Chapter 7, “Modernist lighting and settings stimulate emotions and create a dynamic visual impression” (Kindem & Musburger 216). These techniques are the most popular techniques used in productions that are being filmed today.

Postmodernist lighting styles is a mix of many different kinds of techniques borrowed from many different genres of film. This may include mixing different techniques employed in narrative fiction as well as techniques used in documentary films. Many lighting technicians used these techniques because they are able to speak to the viewer in a way that realist and modernist techniques are not able to do on their own. According to Chapter 7, “By mixing concrete realism with abstract modernism as well as different styles, genres or modes of lighting and settings can evoke a complex emotional response in the viewer” (Kindem & Musburger 217). This helps to make this style of lighting production so popular among technicians today.

There are many different styles of lighting that are used within different lighting techniques. These include sunlight, tungsten light, carbon arc light, metal halide light, and fluorescent light. Each one of these lighting styles creates a different look when being employed in film production. Many directors feel that each style has its own individual strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their uses in film production.

Lighting is very important when it comes to the production of films. Lighting must be meticulously employed in order to create a certain look that they directors are seeking. That is why there are so many different styles and types of lighting that can be used when filming many different kinds of features. Each technique is used for a certain style of film production, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Lighting is an integral part of film production that can have great effects on the look of a film.

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