Reaction Paper- Ch. 3 The Producer

The producer is the guiding force in many kinds of productions. They are responsible for making sure that the project is kept on track and that all aspects of production are running smoothly. This is no easy task, and it requires attention to many different details. The producer is responsible for all different phases of production from proposal to making sure that the final production is able to reach the audience being targeted. This is a job that requires experience and skill in order to make sure that all phases run smoothly and effectively.

A producer develops the initial idea for production and is responsible for turning that idea into a project. There are many different things that must be done before developing a final product. First, a producer must research the market in which they are attending on reaching through their production. Through this research they are able to get an idea of what to include and how certain aspects will be received by the public. They all need to find out what funding sources will appeal to the package that they are marketing. Figuring out all of these aspects are important preliminary steps that must take place prior to production.

Following the preliminary research, a producer must then lay out the goals and objectives of the production. This set the theme for what the producer is looking to accomplish through their project and what message and theme they are attempting to get across to viewers. It is important that these goals are very specific in order to make sure that each is attainable. The more specific a goal is, the easier it is to find ways to make sure that goal is accomplished.

After a producer does these necessary steps they are able to start the proposal writing stage of a production. According to Chapter 3, “A proposal is a written document designed to help raise money and obtain other kinds of support for a project” (Kindem & Musburger 79). The objective of a well-written proposal is to gain support for a production. It is important for a producer to use language and details in his or her proposal to set their feature apart from others in order to gain more attention.

Once all of these preliminary actions are taken and a budget has been approved, a producer is able to begin production management. Production management includes many different aspects including scripting, shooting schedules, and budget divide. A producer must spend much time looking at all of these different aspects to see what will work best for all members of a crew. In other words, a producer is responsible for maintaining the schedules of all members of a crew. This can be a challenging task that requires much planning.

Being a producer is no easy task that many are not able to live up to. It is important for a producer to be able to manage large groups of people while being under pressure and also being able to pay attention to even the smallest of details. For these reasons alone, a producer is one of the most important people to the management of a production.

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