Bravo Reality Television Shows

I, for one, am a sucker for all things reality television. I love the gritty drama and situations that come along with watching the characters that make up these TV shows. Although many people refer to these shows as “trash television”, I think that they are extremely entertaining if they are not taken seriously.

Many of my favorite series come on the television channel, Bravo. Andy Cohen has done a remarkable job of producing reality TV shows on this channel and has started an empire under The Real Housewives category. There are a number of different Real Housewives shows from cities all around the country including New Jersey, Beverly Hills, New York City and our own city, Atlanta. Because of this, the show is able to draw audiences from around the country to tune in and watch the drama unfold.

Although the story lines of these shows can be rather cheesy, they are able to supply entertainment from the many characters from each of the show’s different locations. Many of the women on the various Real Housewives shows have gone on to have successful careers from their fame that was kick started by the show. Most notably, Bethenny Frankel has found success in career endeavors including her brand of Skinny Girl lifestyle products.


Characters from the show have not gone without scandal was well. Tabloids were ridden with the faces of Teresa Giudice and and her husband as they were found guilty for tax fraud. Because of this, both her and her husband, Joe, were imprisoned and the entirety of the scandal was shown on seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. There are also scandals surrounding many other members of the show including issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, infidelity, eating disorders and many other serious issues. Because of this the show has also become a platform for cast members to speak out on these serious issues taking place in their lives. This has given many women around the country and world that watch these shows courage to admit their own faults and issues, so despite just being entertaining to many the show is also able to hit on controversial topics.

Another breakout character from one of the show’s sectors, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is Lisa Vanderpump. This British-born character has become a woman that many love to love and also hate. Her success on RHOBH has led to the development of a spinoff series on Bravo entitled Vanderpump Rules. This show follows bartenders and waiters that work at two of Lisa’s restaurants in Beverly Hills and LA and documents the struggles that these characters also go through. This show is able to appeal to younger viewers watching Bravo. Overall, Bravo has done an impressive job of creating content that viewers want to watch. Despite the criticisms associated with their shows, viewers all over the country tune into watch what happens each week on the network’s various television shows, and that in and of itself is a success.


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