The Office Review

 The Office is one of everyone’s favorite sitcoms of all time. It is a show that people can watch over and over and laugh every time at the jokes that are being made throughout each season. Steve Carell, or Michael Scott, is arguably the heart and soul of the entire series. Steve Carell has been quoted discussing how he believes his role as Michael Scott on the show will be the role that he is remembered for as an actor.

The Office is one of the most popular sitcoms of the mid-2000s because of its humorous story lines and relatable characters. The setting, an office, is somewhere most people spend the majority of their week, and for this reason alone it can be relatable to viewers.  The various story lines are both heavy and comical, and this mix is crucial in The Office’s success as a show. Following the love story of Pam Beesley and Jim Halpert, played by Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski is a plot that many viewers can identify with. It follows their start as work friends to best friends and eventually uncovers the mutual feeling each has for one another. Watching the happy ending associated with this relationship is satisfying for viewers.

The appearances of the characters also play into the shows reliability to their viewers. Because each of the characters dresses and looks just like a regular person that works in an office, viewers are able to identify with the characters and how they appear to look just like they do. I think this is another factor that has contributed to the show’s longevity.

When Steve Carell left the show in during the fourth season, it was clear that a large piece of the puzzle was missing. Despite the show’s efforts to replace his character, The Office was not the same without Michael Scott.

The Office’s ability to take a mundane topic like working in a paper factory and turning it into comedic gold is truly remarkable. No show since The Office has been able to capture that in quite the way that they were able to. I think some of this has to do with the fact that many of the show’s characters were also responsible for writing some of the content featured within the episodes including BJ Novak. Many of the characters of The Office are also friends in real life which translates on and off screen. Even though the show has been over for over five years, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer still keep and contact and occasionally take to social media to talk about their time on The Office. This helps to keep the legacy of the show alive. Although other shows like Parks and Rec have tried to mimick the style of The Office, in my opinion, no show will ever be able to fully capture the on screen magic that was made through that specific show. I think this alone is why so many people continue to fall in love with the show or watch it over and over again for a good laugh.MDot-TheOffice-640x360-MP.jpg

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