Thirteen Reasons Why Review

Thirteen Reasons Why has taken the world by storm since its release. The show, produced and shown on Netflix, focuses on teenage story lines and the struggles associated with high school. People of all ages were able to identify with the story line thus generating responses from all over the world.

The plot of Thirteen Reasons Why was originally a novel written by Jay Asher and follows the story of Hannah Baker’s life and her relationship with Clay Jensen. The story line focuses on Hannah Baker’s suicidal death and the reasons leading up to this decision that she made. During the story, Hannah makes 13 tapes and distributes them to 13 different people detailing how each one of them played a role in her decision to commit suicide. This was a shocking depiction of what it is like to be a teenager in today’s society, and unlike many other shows that focus on high school aged kids, Thirteen Reasons Why was very accurate in the problems many high school aged kids face including relationships, sexuality, drugs, family issues and alcohol abuse. This has helped many people to relate to the story both young and old.

There has also been backlash associated with the show as well. Many people feel that by showing Hannah’s actual suicide and the way in which she left tapes for her classmates that this will cause young people to view the TV show and then copy what she did. Because the problems she is going through are so real to many young people, many students may see her problems and relate them to their own and think that it is okay to act in the same way that she did. Thirteen Reasons Why and the cast are able to combat these allegations by continually posting about how young people can seek help for what they are going through and this is a strategy that they have employed heavily.

Because of these reasons this show is very relatable and unlike anything I have seen recently. The mystery aspect of what each tape will say keeps viewers engaged and makes them want to tune in and see what happens next. Even though it is known from the very first episode that Hannah ultimately dies, the story leading up to her death is riveting the entire way. The show does a great job of switching between flashbacks and present day seamlessly while following Clay Jensen and his journey with the tapes. I think these reasons alone are why Thirteen Reasons Why has been such a smash hit among all who have watched it. Because the last episode ends with Hannah’s death, I am not sure if they will be able to create a second season because it feels as if the story line has ultimately come to a close. If they do decide to expand upon the story, I have a feeling that they will be met with just as much, if not more, attention as the first season.

To view Fox’s backlash surrounding the show, click here.

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